9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 1 and half month pregnant y i m cant hear my baby 's heartbeat......

Answer: Hi Dear! Usually heartbeat is detected between 6-9 weeks of pregnancy, and sometimes after 9 weeks pls follow wht ur Dr. says and go fr another test if suggested. Hope this helps!
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    Ismail Sharif117 days ago

    Our nevers wil beat in our hands know lik tht i can feel in my stomach it tht baby's Heartbeat but i m not feeling regularly sometimes i hear but it beats fastly .....it tht baby's Heartbeat ?

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    Atoshi Banerjee117 days ago

    no dear thats not your baby heartbeat its not physically possible to understand

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Question: I cant hear my baby s heartbeat now.which month i hear my baby s heartbeat??
Answer: Hie You cannot hear your baby's heartbeat on your own you can hear it with the help of stethoscope post 19 months , with the help of Doppler post 6 weeks , during sonography post 6 weeks
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Question: Hiii i am 7 weeks pregnant but my baby's heartbeat cant hear? It is normal?
Answer: Yes because at times baby's heart rate can be detected at 8th to 10th week. Try after two weeks again. Good luck!!
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Question: can I hear my baby heartbeat through stethoscope.i m 8 week pregnant
Answer: No its not possible, after 4 months you can hear as well as feel yours baby movement
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