37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m almost 36 week pregnant and my baby head is still upward... Is there any chance for normal delivery .. or baby will change position

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Answer: Baby Will change position slowly.. Don't worry about it
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Question: Hii..i m 36 week pregnant..now baby is in still breech position..s der any chance of rotating to head down position...n normal delivery
Answer: Usually babies in breech position won't change the position. As chances are less. And babies usually comes in head down position around 33 to 34 weeks. Baby may change positions sometimes but it is rare.
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Question: m 23weeks pregnant... my baby position is transverse position head is on right side.... is there any chance for free delivery or no chance for delivery????
Answer: Wait till 34 week. Till that baby will continue mov ing. Now it's not fixed tha baby position. Stay positive always. Good luck.
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Question: I m 36 weeks pregnant. But still my baby in breech position. Is there any possibility for baby position change for upcoming weeks or during my labour
Answer: Hi wait for one more week as still there are chances. .but if baby doesnt change its position by 37th week there is almost no chance that baby would do it in future.
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