26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m about six month pregnant but stiil could not feel my baby movements .is my baby safe ?

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Answer: Hello Dear You should have felt the baby move already. If you still haven't, please see your doctor once. It doesn't mean anything is wrong but you should be checked to be sure. I knew someone who almost never felt her baby the entire pregnancy and she was totally normal. But most women have felt the baby move quite a lot by now. Take care
Answer: Some mommy may feel after 6 months wait for some time have doctor consultation
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Question: I am first time pregnant i am in my 17 week of pregnancy but could not feel baby movements
Answer: Hi! If you are a first time Mom you will need some time to understand the movements, around 19-25 weeks you will be able to feel the movements. The baby keeps moving in the sac but in initial days its too tiny that we dont understand it but later when the baby starts growing then the movements become sharper and prominent first few movements are misunderstood as gas its so quick but with time it improves. Good luck!
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Question: I m 6months pregnant but still I m not able to feel any movements of baby
Answer: Hello dear, you can feel your baby's first movements, between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks.  baby movement will be very much like a butterfly flutttering or quickening which you may sometime get confused with your blood vessel movement. but kick will be very strong and you will feel something is pushing you from inside. It could will be with the hand or the leg of the baby.  Hope it helped Take care urself....
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Question: M 20 weeks pregnant but I don't feel baby movements worried about it plz help me
Answer: If this is your first pregnancy You will most likely feel the movements later. In cases like anterior placenta you will feel the movement later on..dont worry i am having anterior placenta and felt my baby at 21 weeks.you will mostly feel the baby in later weeks...
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