14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m a hepatitisb patients does it effect me and my baby doc told me it is in my blood the virus is nw they r dominant but later they may effect does they have ay vaccine

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Answer: hi dear, nothing to worry it won't effect ur pregnancy, it's just when you give birth to ur baby they will give immune globlin and vaccination so that he doesn't get it from you. and if you stay proper guidance of ur doctor likely they are controllable
    Answer: my bhabhi also had same problem. but in her case doc looking after her regularly and give injection in the last stage of pregnancy. I think so in 8 9 month.
      Answer: apne sab vaccin liya hai kya...
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        Sk Rima1470 days ago

        then consult ur doc.woh apko procedure batayenge...injection wagara lagayenge

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