2 months old baby

Question: I'm a mom of 45days old baby today we put injection for her and she starts crying a lot pls help what i want to do for her

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Answer: Give him calpol paediatric drop 0.70 ml in each 6 hr and feed her properly.my paediatric doctor suggested same..it works for my baby.the medicine will reduce the fever and pain both
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Question: Hii My baby is 45 days old and she had vaccine today and she is crying a lot please suggest me what to do to make her calm
Answer: Hi dear..my baby too is 45 days old and has taken ipv ,opv and pentavalent vaccination today.paracetamol tablet is made into quarter size and powdered dissolved in breast milk and given in 6 hour gap...it will relieve baby's pain...and will get into sleep..okay
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Question: My baby is 3 months old. She is passing a lot of gas and crying a lot. What can I do to help her.
Answer: Hi! Please follow the tips below for colic or gas issues, which usually disappears at 3-4 months, you should not use any ghutti or gripe water because they r not safe for the little baby. Please give a nice massage around naval clock and anti clock wise. Give enough tummy time Make his legs exercise in by cycle motion. Burp the baby well after feed A nice steam bath also ease the pain. Hing mixed with lil ghee. Apply around navel. Please try to distract the baby, a lot of skin to skin also helps a lot. You can try having fennel seeds water twice a day and pass that on to the baby through.. Good luck!
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Question: My baby is 9 month old she put her ear and crying .. what can i do
Answer: Hello dear Might be ur baby is having ear pair. Ear pain are common in babies and it cause lots of pain which baby suffers. It comes rapidly but does not go soon. If u see that baby is rejecting milk or crying too much or having problem in sleeping one side then it shows that ur baby is having ear pain. Remedies for ear pain: Place a warm compress carefully over your child's ear for approximately 20 minutes. This may ease the earache.
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