5 months old baby

Question: Hii... I'm a breastfeeding mother. Can i eat mangoes. Is there any harm to my baby.

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Answer: You can eat mango but quantity should be less . Wheny u eat new food , Cargill cheak your baby's poop . If it's normal means your baby can digest that food , and u can eat that food again But if baby's poo is watery or hard , avoid that food .
Answer: Have mango and observe if your baby is having any allergy or problem caused by it like change in stools ,. diahorrea etc , if not you can continue. 
Answer: Have anything you want in a limited quantity.
Answer: No harm at all. You can eat mangoes.
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Question: I'm with 42 days baby and breastfeeding mother, I can eat egg? Is there any problem to baby if eat?
Answer: Hi dear surely you can have it as it contains so many nutrients which are really good for breastfeeding mum but make sure to have well cooked egg
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Question: Hii...i am a breastfeeding mother.can i eat mangoes.is there any harm to my baby.plz guide
Answer: Hi ma'am When you eat mango, your body may not be able to digest it smoothly and might cause stomach problems. When your baby feeds your breast milk, your baby also faces the same problem. There are chances that your baby suffers from gas beacuse it tends ti increase body heat. If you cannot resist eating mango and specially while breastfeeding try eating a very less portion of mango . If your baby seems okay, you can have the same quantity once or twice a week. Consume a glass of milk after eating mangoes to reduce the body heat lots of water to reduce body heat.. I hope my suggestion will help you..take care..
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Question: hii..my baby is 5month plus...m on breastfeeding so can i take A to Z multivitamin??is there any harm for baby???
Answer: If ur pediatric prescribed den u can give. My pediatric suggested and yes you can use it but only give that dosage which is prescribed by the doctor ... It's a supplement of vitamins n minerals if baby did not get sufficient nutrients thn you cn giv it to bby.
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