9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 9 weeks pregnant mother I'm not getting motions from 3 days can I used cremaffin

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Answer: Hi Mum, Now that you're nine weeks pregnant, your little one may be starting to move, thanks to some recent muscle development. But you'll have to wait until sometime in the second trimester to actually feel these movements. But for your concern, please consult with your gynecologist before take any action. & Go for a USG for the best.
Answer: No dear don't take directly pls consult your doctor
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Question: I'm at 35 weeks.. I'm having pain in legs, lower abdomen and from 3-4 days I'm getting loose motions.. How could I get relief.
Answer: Same with me. Body is now finally preparing for labour Just practice to bear this pain. That's wat m doing. It will help in coming weeks Good luck
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Question: hiiii,,m 20 weeks pregnant mother bt now I'm suffering from cold. so can I take citrazin while pregnancy or not??
Answer: Iam very much prone to cold... Try to increase your water intake-tulsi water,lemonade,steam etc.... I donot prefer any medicine.
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Question: I'm 33 weeks pregnant from 2 days I'm getting back pain legs pain its coming and going dnt no y
Answer: deer getting back pain leg pain is absolutely normal in pregnancy this happens because of the changes that is taking place inside you you should take proper rest give your back hot water compress and put your leg in hot water tub.
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