Planning for pregnancy

Question: I'm 7weeks pregnant can i hav milk that good for me right now.

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Answer: Yes u can . There is no harm in taking milk powder . It is nutritious
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Question: Hi can I give lactogen for my it good to give formula milk how many times should I give
Answer: If your producing plenty of milk then there is no point in giving formula milk for baby there is nothing better than your breast milk for your baby as it contains antibodies which boost your baby's immunity
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Question: I'm 7 months pregnant woman,I can't sleep at my left side, straight position is comfortable to me , short time only slept at right side. I know this is not good for baby, How can i avoid this?
Answer: I can understand we get tired sleeping on the left side and there is no problem if you turn to any side but maximum you should try to sleep on the left side because it improve the blood circulation to baby
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Question: Can i travel long distance... Is it harmful for me and my baby
Answer: It all depends upon your physical condition. Only your doctor can give permission. Checkup and medicine is important before traveling to avoid any risk
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