6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m 6th week pregnant.....Can I take nutrilite(amway) daily multivitamin food suppliment tab? is there any problem?

2 Answers
Answer: it is better to check after 10 days.....n you should check on the very first urine after u woke up early in the morning.....Check once more in next day.....If not positive or period doesnot start , then it is better to consult ur doctor.
Answer: hi dear it happens, see this is the time ur baby's body structure is form inside ur body(uterus). Dont worry n take care during this early stage.
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Answer: Multivitamin supplements are never harmful so of course you can check multivitamin supplement but make sure to consult once about this with your doctor are your child's paediatric.
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Question: Can I take Amway nutrilite daily capsule
Answer: Hi dear I would recommend you focus on eating a good diet and avoid taking unregulated supplements. Their claims about health benefits are not tested or proven.hioe it helps
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Question: 13.week pregnent, Can i take amway peotien suppliment and omega capsules
Answer: Hello Dear! Please consult your Doctor before having anything over the counter during pregnancy. Good luck!
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