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Question: I'm 6th month pregnant and my leg got slipped while climbing down the stairs,, n I sat down skipping 2 stairs,,, luckily I did not get much hurt,, and I was able to feel baby movements.. when I told this incident to my gyneac she said me that I can't go for scanning now rather she gave injection proluton depot 250 mg saying this ll keep my baby safe....... Then by other means I heard that proluton depot is not recommended during pregnancy...... Is it safe to take that injection????

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Answer: Its safe only no need to worry. This is helpful to avoid miscarriage.
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    Dr Aafaq Kuchey618 days ago

    Have a consultation with your doctor

Answer: Is green grapes good during pregnancy. I'm 26 weeks pregnant
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Question: Hello !! I have just entered in my 19th week of pregnancy. I would like to share yesterday I got slipped while coming down from stairs. It was slight slip...after slipping from 1-2 stairs I could manage to sat on the third stair. Due to that slip I just got one mark on the upperside of my right bum. I am not feeling any kind of pain. Please suggest it should not affect my baby ?
Answer: Dear thank God your are fine. If you are not experiencing any kind of severe pain and any kind of discharge which isn't white then everything is absolutely fine and ur baby is doing fine inside. Just relax and make sure you be cautious next time you use stairs. Just use stairs slowly you just have to slow while on stairs that will keep you safe. Hope i helped.
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Question: My doctor has given betarain injection..... N she has prescribed to take it again after 24hrs..... I heard that if baby is willing to born before 37weeks thn this injection will be prescribed...... Is it true....? But doctor did not tell this only she said this injection is given to prevent preterm labour....
Answer: Hello! Is it betnasol injection,you are talking about. If yes, it is given to mature the lungs and heart of the baby, if there is a risk of preterm delivery. But it doesn't cause any delivery before 37 weeks. So don't worry about it.
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Question: I am 12th week 6 days.i am worried of my baby because 4 days onwards daily evening time I am getting brown colour urine what is the reason I can understand that to I told Dr she told me take tablets now she started to give proluton depot 250 injection weekly once can u give nice advice to this problem daily I am suffering lot with this before I have 2 miscarriage also plz help me
Answer: Follow medicines and have complete bed rest. These discharges should stop as soon as possible. Be on bed go to washroom only.
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