34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 34 weeks pregnant mother, when I'm sleeping I'm comfortable by back,i can't sleep by right side or left, will it harm my baby

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Answer: Dear actually sleeping on your left side is better for you because there is is better blood flow to the baby but still if you can't this may be a temporary situation for now you can sleep the way you are comfortable but again try to sleep in your left side more
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Question: Sleeping on my back is only comfortable for me, I can't sleep with my right side or left side my legs bones are too paining. Is sleeping with my back can harm my baby or it's make any side effects?
Answer: Yes, sleeping on back can harm your baby, the circulation can get interrupted so don't sleep straight or on right side. Generally you have to sleep on left side ONLY and you can keep small cushion under stomach and between your legs.
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Question: Dr. I can't sleep left side I'm sleeping right side ,??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Sleeping on side especially left side helps to supply of blood and other nutrients to the baby.keep a pillow to support your back and tummy it gives relief to your un easiness. It should not be problem if you sleep on right side for some time but try to sleep maximum on left side.Take care
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Question: I'm always sleeping on my back.. I can't sleep by left or right side... I'm not at all comfortable with it... Is this will effect my baby.. What is solution for this
Answer: For proper oxygen supply for baby try to sleep in left.. And pls try to follow...
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