9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 2nd month pregnant now. Bt due to my health problem I'm taking c.t scan to my brain .is that radiation effect to my baby.pls answer to my question pls

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Question: Its my 11th week i want to know Is this ultrasound radiation effect baby's health
Answer: No dear. Ultrasound are safe to be conducted during pregnancy and it does not cause any harm during pregnancy. People who conduct ultrasounds take care of all the safety measures to ensure your baby's safety. Please do not worry at all. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi I'm 30 weeks pregnant and my baby weight is 1354 gms is that ok weight ? Are it will effect my baby due low birth weight please answer
Answer: you should take proper food.eat bananas,eggs,chuda,milk with womens horlicks and drink adequate water and juices help to wait gaining of baby
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Question: My scan report shows bilateral renal pelviectasis i was 35 week pregnant. Is that problem effect my baby health??
Answer: Please anyone reply my question. I'm worried about this?...
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