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Question: I m 24 years lost my first pregnancy due to cmv and rubella virus it has been 5 months and now rubella igg and igm and cmv shows negative in my report.. Is it safe to plan for new pregnancy..??

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Answer: I m also rubella positive and its since 2 yrs and 2 miscarriage
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    Asha Rana Negi869 days ago

    U should rubella avidity test when it will be high then u can plan

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Question: As per my last periods for me it's almost 7+ weeks but in my scanning report the development was only for 5+ weeks is it a healthy pragnency and from last to last Saturday to till now it is bleeding
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear its may be late conception thays why there s 2 weeks diffrence between lmp nd usg age so dont worry .Dear when fertilize egg implants to border line of uterus then 20 to 25 %women s have bleeding or spotting or brown discharge in early pregnancy.. so dear consult to ur Dr nd take meducines as ur Dr suggest u ,avoud stress, avoud sex ,avoid carry heavy things too nd take heathy diet s add milk ,cheese butter paneer tofu and green vegetables fresh fruits in ur diet too
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Question: I delivered my baby through cesarion. Now it has been 5 months. But my tummy is not reducing. Still it looks like 6th month pregnant. Please help me to reduce my weight and stomach
Answer: Do exercises like plank and walking after one month.. have jeera water in empty stomach
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Question: My weight has been reduced by 2 kgs in last 3 weeks inspite of eating healthy food. Is it okay for my weight to reduce at this stage or pregnancy? I am in my 3rd trimester now. (7th month)
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear consult to ur dr nd ask abht ur babies weight nd growth if babies weight nd growth s normal nothing to worry abht ur weight .Take healthy diet as add milk ,cheese ,butter ,paneer ,tofu ,green vegetables fresh fruits in ur diet too
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