7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 1 1/2 month pregnant, Its difficult for me to sleep at night

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Answer: Hii it is normal to get uncomfortable sleep.in pregnancy. U should take a nice bath before sleeping. Also have a glass of warm milk. Make sure to keep ur too. Temp. Comfortable and take ur dinner 2 hours before u sleep. Use pillow to give support to ur legs .The best resting position when pregnant is to lie on your side with your knees bent. This makes the heart's job easier because it stops the weight of the baby applying pressure to your large veins, which carry the blood back to the heart. It is also much better for your lower back to lie on your side. If you have pain in your lower back, experiment with extra pillows to see how you can make yourself more comfortable when lying down. For example, try one pillow under your abdomen, one between your legs, a firm one behind your back and an extra pillow under your head.
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Question: Hi I'm 33 weeks pregnant I don't have sleep at night times pls help me to sleep night times
Answer: hi this is due to the hormonal changes there is nothing to worry you can try this which may help you take a shower before going to bed it will help to soothe and your nerves which will help to put you to sound sleep you can also try having a glass of warm milk read some good books you can also listen to motivational music which will help you do breathing exercises which will also help
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Question: My baby is 1 1/2 month. He not sleep at night. What to do
Answer: Hi dear, Don't worry, it will take time to get adjust to our lifestyles. Slowly they will adopt changes and start to play more in daytime and sleep at night. Be patience as you have to be awake with ur baby. Take care and enjoy this time
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Question: I'm unable to sleep at nyt from past 4days...its being so difficult to sleep
Answer: It is quite normal in pregnancy to have sleepless nights. Have some hot milk before sleep. Also you can have 2 kiwi fruits before sleep and it will work. Hope this helps.
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