18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 18 weeks pregnant...but there is no change in my stomach...I mean it's not growing...why??

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Answer: Your stomach will visible after 5 months of pregnancy..and baby weight will be very less as of now..your tummy will grow faster only after 7 months and after 7 months only baby's weight will get increased faster..don't worry..have a happy pregnancy..
Answer: mine baby bump was also a grown in 6th month as a please don't take any tension and keep on eating healthy diet and banana curd rice full fat milk and cheese in your diet
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Question: Am 6 months pregnant but my stomach is not growing
Answer: Dis is fine dear. Even till 7 months I didn't get much bump and it was fine. My doctor said it depends on body posture. Every lady has different posture. So don't worry and take care of ur diet.
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Question: I am 19weeks pregnant but there is no change in my breast size. Please let me explain why?
Answer: This is not a issue dear when I was pregnant my breast size also didn't change but after delivery when I started to produce milk my breast size changed
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Question: I m 23 weeks pregnant but last 2 months there is no weight gain in me. Is it normal??
Answer: Hello dear... Pregnant ladies tend to increase more weight during their last trimester.. from your 6th month onwards you might gain weight..take care
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