16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 16 week pregnant ,when I m sit anywhere like on bed chair ,lower abdominal pain start also pain start n my vagina,why dis happen ???

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Answer: Hi Vaginal pain/ pressure and lower abdomen pain during pregnancy is common as your uterus expands to accommodate your baby. It can radiate upto vagina. If severe consult your doctor.
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    rupinder kaur810 days ago

    I hav also same problem

Answer: Same here.. anyone knows if this is normal?
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Question: If I sit on chair or anywhere am getting pain below left breast..the reason
Answer: Hi dear The pain and soreness is caused by pressure from the top of your growing uterus, as well as baby kicking or punching the area. Sore ribs are usually on the side of the baby's position and can be felt just below the breasts. Once your baby drops usually between 36 and 38 weeks things will improve.hope this helps
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Question: I m 34 week pregnant..my vagina pain while moving on bed and also when i seat..
Answer: Hello... Dear vaginal pain happens due to expanding uterus,it is normal and it will be reduced in some time,but if you experiencing vaginal pain with spotting or bleeding,it might be a serious issue,and medical attention is needed immediately,vaginal pain can also occur due to urinary tract infections,stress.. Tips for reducing vaginal pain... Stay yourself hydrated It is essential to drink atleast two to three litres of water a day,can also include juice,soup,add more water rich fruits and vegetables like cucumber,raddish, watermelon,Amla,orange, white pumpkin in your diet Lie on left side It is advisable to lie on side (SOS) during pregnancy, preferably left side,will increase blood circulation to baby and it also reduce vaginal pain Maintain good posture You can also sit straight and keep your feet little elevated by keeping pillow below your feet,distrubute your weight equally,will also increase blood flow and helps in reducing the pain Kegal and pelvic floor exercise Start doing kegal and pelvic floor exercise, but after consulting doctor,helps in strengthening of vaginal muscles,will also helps in reducing pain Healthy eating Include more fiber rich foods like whole wheat,grain, cereals in your diet,also include more fruits and veggies,will helps in preventing constipation, because some times constipation may also leads to pain in vagina
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Question: Hi i am seven months pregnant i have some pain in lower part . I didn't feel pain during walking . Only when i up my legs to sit on bed i feel pain . Why do this happen
Answer: Hello! This type of mild pain is common during pregnancy. However, it happens due to the growing weight of the baby which puts pressure not only on the organs but also muscles and ligaments. As a result you feel this pain. Temporary relief can be got from a warm bath, sleeping on sides and some gentle exercise. Take care
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