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Question: I m 14 weeks dr suggested me for Nt scan and i heard they also do doube marker test.....but she didnt suggested me for that...

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Answer: Usually nt scan and duble marker blood test is done in third month together
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Question: Hii,my doctor suggested me to do nuchal scan and double marker test in mid of 3rd month,what's that and why she suggested me to do that
Answer: Hello dear. A nuchal scan or nuchal translucency scan/procedure is a sonographic prenatal screening scan to detect cardiovascular abnormalities in a fetus, though altered extracellular matrix composition and limited lymphatic drainage can also be detected. A Double Marker Test is a type of test that in mainly given to pregnant women to determine any chromosomal malformation in the foetus. This test also plays a vital role in the detection of any kind of neurological conditions in the foetus, such as down's syndrome or Edward's Syndrome. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant doctor suggested me do scan NT scan and double marker scan its safe
Answer: hi dear ! yes dear double marker test check the beta hcg and PAPP-A (pregnancy associated plasma proteins) and also nt scan is a type of ultrasonography in which they check the transperancy behind the neck . normally if the nt scan is >3.5mm then there is a problem as they are indicative of chromosomal defect dear . so its better you do the tests as both the tests shows if there is any problem with the bbay dear! take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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Question: I m 19 weeks pregnant Dr suggested me fetal scan that results ll normal but after they suggested me quadruple marker test is it necessary to do test
Answer: Hi dear, it's best to get it done if doctor has asked you to, as there can be a possibility that doctor might have suspected something and as its baby's well-being so better to get it done. Hope it will also be negative. Take care
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