11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 11week pregnant my sugar 125 is it normal?

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Answer: Is it fasting or Post lunch value?? If it is post lunch ( 2hrs after lunch) then 125 is perfectly normal value . if it is fasting value then it is not normal..
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Question: Today had my sugar test.. Fasting it is 79 nd random it is 125.. Is it normal?
Answer: I do not worry your sugar levels are within the normal range but it is better to still take a precaution and avoid taking too much of sugary items you can take sugar but in moderation
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Question: Hi i have 125 sugar after meals is it normal..?
Answer: no its little more oly avoid taking sweet items spicy n salty food. y bcz from this month oly u shuld b carefull mom☺
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Question: Hi ..I am 8th month pregnant n my blood sugar is 125...is it normal or not?
Answer: It might be gestational diabetes... Plz contact ur dr
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