8 months old baby

Question: I lost my whole body fat except belly fat.. Anyone can suggest any recipe or tips to make my belly flat.. As i am a breastfeeding mother.. Please suggest me some tips ..I wanna make it my belly flat again I had.

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Answer: Myself also in the same situation
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Question: Hii....i am a mother of 11 months old baby...n i am expecting again which i don't want as my baby is quiet small and i am in uae where abortion is illegal...please anyone suggest me some best n effective home remedy which will work quickly...please
Answer: dear I can understand your problem and I know no abortion pills available there but the problem is you can try home remedies it doesn't guarantee u abortion. If possible try to travel India. However I can suggest you home remedies keep trying until you get bleeding. home remedies work only in first two months but I don't know how many months you are pregnant right now. aate ka glass of lukewarm water with one teaspoon of him powder increase body heat and can cause abortion take it continuously for 7 to 10 days until you get your period. Eat more amount of papaya pineapple and citrus fruits like lemon Orange available there in your regular diet. Eat lots of ripe and raw papaya daily a bowl in your breakfast and Eid half pineapple daily after lunch and before dinner you can take a glass of lemon water for one orange. Keep trying it may help just hope for the best and please avoid unprotected sex from next time. if this work then after building will stop go into your gynecologist for DNC to avoid any infection. Before trying this I will suggest you to think twice. Take care.
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Question: I had a csection on dec 5th now 1 month is going on can I do belly binding to my tummy is it safe
Answer: Yes dear, it is safe.actually tummy will not go away straight away within a day, it takes time about 6-12 months to become normal.breast feeding is one of the easiest way to lose belly fat.so better to give exclusive breast feeding until age of 6 months.post pregnancy back, hands, legs massage will help to lose fluids from tissues and reducing your waist line.exercise and healthy food can help you reduce weight and tummy fat.more over, before you begin doing exercises, talk to your doctor once.usually recommends waiting period of 6 weeks after normal delivery, 8 weeks after c section.better to start abdominal massage after 6 weeks .walking is also helps in reducing calories intially after c section.take high protein and low carbohydrate diets.tummy binding with maternal belt also helps in reducing tummy fat.drink plenty of fluids at least 3-4 litres in a day.get adequate sleep.various exercises like abdominal, kegels, yoga , breathing exercises will helps in reducing belly fat.maternal panties will also help you to support your tummy.take care
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Question: I am starting of six months,When I sleep I change sides so my body hurts a lot.what can i do please suggest me.
Answer: Just give few seconds to your body to understand and don't change the physician's immediately also you should keep hand on your tummy to give support to baby
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