Planning for pregnancy

Question: i lost my first baby during fifth month of pregnancy. She had vsd and bilateral choroid plexus cyst. Any particular reason for these sort of diseases. any precautions do i need to take for my next pregnancy?

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Answer: I have also lost my first child due to hydronephrosis of kidney and vsd.but now I am 31 week is free from all abnormalities with the grace of god.i have done echofetalico ultra sound to know abt the internal organs of baby.nothing to worry .just have faith on the almighty.try for your next baby.there is no particualr reason of the happens to 1 in 100 child.
Answer: Even I had cyst with my first daughter and doctor suggested me to abort my baby and do operation but I didn't do and after 9 months my baby girl was born healthy by God grace... Now I'm in my second pregnancy theres no cyst anymore...
Answer: for such complicated case you need to follow each and every steps and precautions of the doctor. she will be the best who can suggest you . and such cases are very difficult to predict.