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Question: I lost my child on 26th aug,the doctor said due to cervical incompetence .We took transvaginal ultrasoundscan on 24 th that report.cervix is normal they mentioned..can you brief me ..whether in scan they can identify whether the cervix is weak ..?

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Question: Suddenly my wife had pain on in her back & abdomen so we went hospital to check whether its labour pain or not. Doctor said my wife's cervix has opened in 1cm and they told us to wait till to the date or if you get heavy pain before the due date (November 2). What we suppose to do to get lebor pain???
Answer: Hi. Since your babies cervix has syarted to open , walking will help in openingbit more. As much as she will be active sooner the labour would start. Also ask your wife to have warm natured food, like 6-7 n dates , 6-7 almonds soaked and grinded well mix in milk and have it warm.
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Question: Hi i am 32 weeks now at 5 th month scan they said there is fluid in babys kidney at right 6.1 and in left nothing but on 29 th week scan they said the fluid is increased in right 8.9 and in left 6 so tell me suggestions
Answer: It is advisable that you meet a fetal medicine specialist if available in your city. You should know about the prognosis of this condition and the treatment options for baby after delivery.
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Question: anomaly scan done on today everything normal except baby weight scan one thing mentioned like technical difficulty in imaging due to high BMI and poor penetration of sound waves..can you please explain this?
Answer: That is not ur baby weight .that is ur weight which is higher means ur bmi is high.because of ur high weight sonographer cant see image clearly
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