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Question: i lost 2 baby 2 also c section now am 3rd one pregnent so i asked my i get normal delivary r wt becase of high Bp i got c section in 2 delivery one baby was there untill one and half month it died 2nd baby was 8 days in NICU and it died now am takeing medicien for Bp and daily injection also and am 3months pregnent now for 2nd baby and now pregnent gap is 2 years now so may i get normal delivary

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Answer: You can have normal delivery but you must stabilize BP by talking medicine regularly. Also you must keep mind free from tension and worry
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    madhu kavya947 days ago

    ok thanks

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Question: I am 32 years old, now i am pregnant is it ok , 1st baby delivery under c section, so it possible for 2nd baby also???
Answer: Hi! Vaginal Birth After C-Section is possible but, Vbac should be attempted only if the previous pregnancy was c sectioned due to issue in baby. If the issue was with you like not dilated well, the Dr. will not recommend you try a vbac. Most Dr. recommend a 3 year gap between babies for the risk of scarring, it also depends on how well the previous c section was done and how clean the stitches are done. Consider all these factors and talk to a doctor who is supportive and knowledgeable on VBAC, If going for VBAC be active through the labor. Good luck either for VBAC or C-Sec.
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Question: Is am 5months pregnent and i have already udergone 2 C- section operation and one laparoscopy operatio. So is that risky to have 3rd C-section?
Answer: Hello! Yes, there are risk more during the third C-section. But again if proper diet and lifestyle is followed and care is taken then the risk level can be lowered. Also talk to your doctor about it, who would also help you to guide you through it. Take care
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Question: my 1st pregnancy was c section and now I am 9th month pregnant and the gap between 2 pregnancy is 2 years doctor said there is no chance for normal delivery then in which week the c section can done
Answer: Depends on complication if you had any at the time of first pregnancy. You can deliver or get a c-sec in 39th week.
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