4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I like eating mud very much I buy dat one rupees ka packet n eat it Wat to do

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Answer: You may have calcium deficiency, start taking calcium supplements by consulting your doctor.
Answer: Stop it a soon as possible. Don't you know that that is not good for your baby!
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Question: I feel lik eating 🐔 i like it so much. Before a month from getting conceived i didnt eat chicken.now i feel like eating it....wat to do
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Under cooked or semi cooked non veg is not safe in pregnancy as it can cause you many kinds of infections.Non veg with preservatives is also not good as they can cause any problem to babies growth. You can have fully cooked fresh non veg without preservatives.Avoid fishes with mercury. Avoid more spices as they can cause you acidity, indigestion and heart burn. Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more they help us a lot. Take care. .
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Question: hi mam... i feel like eating mud.. it is said dat i deficient calcium... so nw m pregnant so i stop eating mud.. n nw eat egg shells to divert my mind from eating othr stuff.. can i eat egg shells.. plz tell me
Answer: Hello dear congratulations for pregnancy. I can understand your problem pregnancy increases these types of cravings but as we all know some cravings are not good . Egg cells are not good to eat. You can eat raw coconut. Misri and saunf. Roast peanuts. And all. Remember egg cells can harm baby so plz eat healthy things.
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Question: i eat @ a very long intervals of time and den i dnt feel like eating anythng wat do i do???will it harm my baby??
Answer: Hi! If you don't feel hungry and it is not affecting your body in any way then it is fine there is no need to over it whenever you feel hungry then only have your food it is absolutely fine it is not going to harm your baby in any way .. Hope this helps!
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Question: During feeding my nipples pain very much wat should I do n till it will pain
Answer: Hii this is a common during pregnancy. So nothg to worry .there are some solution in this. U need to wesr good bra with comfortable cups so that it will not hurt ur nipple. U can prefer sports bra or maternity bra.  Also reduce  the intake of salt. Salt retain water and make ur breast heavier.  Drink more water.it. Will.helps u flushing out water and also refresh u.  apply nipcare cream or take body butter from mama earth and apply it in your nipple. Let it be there for some hour. U can apply this cream to nipple one by one so that u can feed he baby with other breast. Do clean it with soap properly before feeding to baby Ice pads or warming pads provide comfort to some women. Before you use it continuously, test to see what suits you the best! Stay active If still not recover then contact doctor. 
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