3 months old baby

Question: I know whoever read this will abuse me or jate me for this i know i did wrong... My baby is three month old I live at my in-laws place and my husband is in abroad I'm frustrated with my MIL so whenever my baby cries alot i get angry on him and today when he was crying non stop i just slap him on his bum and put him on bad in anger and within a second i started crying bcz i realize that what i did is extremely wrong.... After that my baby is also scared and crying suddenly while playing I'm guilty about what i did... Here i want you guys to please suggest me how to be calm when baby is crying and you are already frustrated.... I'm no a good mother i know that you guys can shout on me but please I'm in depression and i need help....

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Question: I lifted 6-7kgs during 12th week...Now i'm at 14th week...is anything i did wrong? Lifting groceries will harm my baby? I did not have any pain after that but i feel guilty and scared at the same time...how do i know that everything is going to be fine...my baby is ok or not?
Answer: No dear. Do not worry. It's okay. The baby is perfectly fine. By now u should make your first prenatal visit to d doctor and have your tests and scan done. This will reveal the condition of ur baby to u. U will also come to know about ur Edd by lmp and Edd by scan.
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Question: My baby is drinking milk on 1 side of d breast if I put him on other side he starts crying.... Wats wrong....? I'm bit tensed....
Answer: Hi may be the milk supply from other side is less or baby may not be able to latch properly due to the nipple size. And try to check the reason whether the milk is coming properly from other breast. And if baby has nipple problem then hold the nipple in between the finger either in v shape or in c shape and try to feed baby. Gradually baby will learn to drink milk from either side.
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Question: I'm having anger problem. In anger I frequently scold n sometimes beat my daughter. Afterwards I feel guilty and very sorry. I don't understand how to handle it.
Answer: U should listen soft spiritual music and try not to pay attention on small small mistake of baby yaa other. Take proper rest and try to keep calm
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