16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I kind of have lactose intolerance. What can i have instead of milk? Though soya milk suits me.

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Answer: You can have soya milk dear. It's very healthy and nutrious too. Have it twice daily. It will help to increase milk production also.
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    sourovi mitra1018 days ago

    One time daily is good for me..too costly dear :(

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Question: I don't like milk and milk products except butter milk. Instead of milk, what can I have? Pls suggest me
Answer: Hello dear Drinking milk is very necessary in pregnancy to have an adequate amount of calcium. But if u don't like milk then better is to have a variety of other calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, dark leafy greens almonds and calcium-fortified orange juice.
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Question: my baby is lactose intolerance. what should i do?
Answer: Very rarely, a baby is born with lactose intolerance. ... From birth, the baby would have severe diarrhea and be unable to tolerate the lactose in his mother's breast milk or in formula made from cow's milk. He'd need a special, lactose-free infant formula.Depending on the cause, your baby may fully recover or be able to tolerate more lactose in the future. For some people, the condition lasts for life.Treatment depends on the extent of your child's intolerance. Some children with lactose intolerance may be able to have small amounts of dairy products without having symptoms. Your GP or paediatric dietician may recommend a lactose-reduced or lactose-free formula. They may then want to try to reintroduce lactose at some point to test your baby’s reaction and see if there has been any change so keep in touch with your health professional and let them know how you are getting on.
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Question: What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance in babies?
Answer: First of all, it starts with runny poos after breastfeeding within half an hour.Rashes in the potty area.
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