33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I just wanted to know that in normal delivery also stitches will be there or what? it's my first baby, so I am too much afraid of delivery and that pain please reply me

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Answer: If the baby takes more space to come out there might be a minor tear. So that will be stiched.
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Question: My periods dates were 1st of april and that I got just a half drop of blood and today also there is no blood stain. What could it be probably and I am having slight pain in my lower abdomen.
Answer: When your period miss by 10 days after that we can say about pregnancy. periods may come before or later 5 to 7 days . you should wait till 10th of April if it didn’t came then you do pregnancy test
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Question: It's my 9th wk I have a slight pain in my abdomen....it's not a continuous pain but it's doing something thr...what will be the reason...in afraid that my baby is having some prblm
Answer: Try not to take medicine. Check if elastic of your pants not too tight or not below navel. Normal cramp is ok. It's not good to take medicine on tolerable discomfort during pregnancy
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Question: I wanted to ask suppose the baby died in the womb will there be any sign to let us know that its not here anymore or not ???????
Answer: If it is already dead fetus it will terminate by itself in between 2-3 days
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