37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I just started my 37 weeks , on 5 th Oct I go for ultrasound the report showed I completed 33 weeks 4 D now and baby waight is 2.459 kg , now 25 I again go for ultrasound as my doctor told this time the report showed 34 weeks 1D and baby waight is is 2.451kg and i asked my she said it's right, pls let me know is the report is correct?

Answer: It's correct the machine doesn't show gestation more than 36 weeks
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Question: Now i am 7 weeks pregnant...till now i dont go for ultrasound ...when is the correct time for ultrasound??
Answer: Hi dear, You can go between 8-10 weeks ultrasound scan for checking the heartbeat of baby.this scan is also called viability scan,one of the most important of all the scans.
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Question: How to count weeks of pregnancy, on dt 4 th oct I went to hospital for anc that time my ultrasound report showed it 33 weeks 4 days today is 17 Oct means I completed my 35 weeks or it's running 34 ?
Answer: According to 40weeks calculation u have to take ur LMP into consideration for example if ur LMP is Oct 4th then Oct 4th to Nov 4th is 4.3 weeks And Nov 5th to 12th is 1.1 weeks.. U have to add 4.3+1.1 that will be 5.4.. But the baby's growth may b differ with LMP due date.. it'll be like 1 or 2 weeks less
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Question: Im 37 weeks pregnant,my lmp date is 2nd oct but in ultrasound its showing 22nd oct.. discrepancy noted between lmp and ultrasound report,im worried..
Answer: Lmp date based on last menstruatiom. Ultrasound date is based on baby growth. In delayed conception it may be the case. Check with your doctor reason for the same.
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