20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I just got my triple test report. The test report indicates low hCG value. What does this means? Is there any risk associated to my baby?

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Question: Doctor told me to do quantitative beta hcg....... 0n 2nd the value was 1230. On 4th the value was 1050 . What does it mean. Is there any risk
Answer: Hello dear... do not worry.. Sometimes hcg level comes down because of stress and tension also... would be better to consult your doctor once if there would be any medication Stay calm and relaxed . Level will rise Do not take tension Drink lots of water.
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Question: What does low line placenta means..?? Is there any risk for baby?
Answer: Yes...it is risky for baby if rest not taken properly. .u shud consult ur doc. . Proper bed rest is mandatory in dis case..
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Question: In double marker test i have got low risk is found what it means?? Is the report normal or not??
Answer: Yes it is normal it means that you are carrying foetus with less risk of chromosomal abnormalities
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