38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I just feeling light pain in my back and its also period like pain is there any chance of labor

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Answer: You have to relax Once you feel the pain like cramps increasing rush to your doctor Drink lots of water. Relax
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Question: Is there chance of pregnancy without any symptoms...i just missed my one week of period
Answer: Hi dear, Please take a pregnancy test now.since already a week,your hormones might have risen enough to show positive result.pregnancy symptoms vary person to person.my symptoms only started at 9th week.
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Question: I am light pain on back and stomach . Feeling like vomiting . Its sign to labour
Answer: Hi dear see the labour pain can be a different for different people the symptoms can be different for some it can be lights to a strong pain sometimes for some people it can be strong pain from the initial phase only so you just need to give it sometime and check the kind of discomfort that you are facing but in my opinion it is important to let your doctor know . Hope this helps!
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Question: I m feeling pain like i m in period is it sign of labor
Answer: Hi dear, Period like cramps are fine through out the pregnancy.but in later stages such cramps could be sign of impending labor.observe if the contractions are intensifying.false labor is also common at this stage.they are harmless though.
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