38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I just delivered baby...baby is norlt taking breast feed as he try but baby is not taking it as my baby is in nicu for 4 days i express milk but its too hectic i gave baby a formula milk but i want to breast feed plzz give some solution.

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Answer: Keep on trying. It happens at starting but do not loose hope. Doctors also advice how to feed baby. You can ask.
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    shalu yadav507 days ago

    Okk thanku

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Question: My baby is not taking breast milk .i m giving him formula milk. Now my breast is engorged .its paining also .can anyone give me a good solution
Answer: If you have stopped breastfeed properly then place cabbage leave on breasts it will help in stopping production of bm , massaging with olive oilwill also help, you can also warm compress, dip towel in Lukewarm water and place it on breasts , it will give you immense relief.
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Question: Which formula milk is good for my baby ? I just want a formula for one feed
Answer: Hi dear u can use nan pro. I also used that only for my baby as it is very similar to mother milk and easy to digest.
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Question: I didnt breast feed for one day due to some reasons.i gave formula.next day can i give the breast feed directly or should i express and throw it
Answer: Yes you can as it wont cause any problem to baby and breastmilk is good for baby so you can feed baby. Take care
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