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Question: I just can't wait for a single day to confirm pregnancy.its already 8 days late periods symptoms of pregnancy..what to do.. please help there any other way apart from blood and urine test LMP 12 Jan Intercourse on ovulation day.

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Answer: Hi dear bestfriend is the blood check up which will help u to know the correct pregnancy status. It is not important to have early pregnancy symptoms
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Question: Period late by 11 days. LMP was 12 jan Negative pregnancy test and beta test was <1.20 Still no period..What to do as for next steps
Answer: Hello dear, reports are nega. Sometime not having period could be a reason of harmonal disbalance, due to PCOD, thyroid, stress, immediate losing or gaining weight , some sickness, diabetes or may be due to low hb. Or may be due to irregularity in ur period u may be in the verge of getting pregnant but ur hcg is not that enough to detect ur pregnancy so it is better to consult doctor to get to know the actual status. Hope it helped, 
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Question: Hi. My lmp was on 4 aug, we had intercourse on my ovulation day 20-21 august. I did urine test - negative. I'm 2 days late for my period. So i went for a blood test negative with 0.1 hcg. Symptoms - swollen breasts, bloating, post lunch dizziness and can't sleep properly. I think I'm pregnant but negative results.. Any chance can I be pregnant????
Answer: I can understand your curiosity. You need to wait for one week to ten days frm the day you missed periods to get results. Take first urine sample and pour in kit. If you see two lines it says you are pregnant. If you see one line it says you are not pregnant. If you see no line then the kit is not working. Light pink color line also means you are pregnant. Kit tries to detect hcg from your urine.All the best
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Question: I lmp 17 jan i test on 19 feb its negative is it sure i have to wait no periods
Answer: If you have done urine kit test sometimes it might not show since it is early and was just 2dayd since you missed period ,wait for another week and do the test again . Otherwise you can also do hcg blood test in a lab that will clarify your doubt if you are pregnant or not
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