17 months old baby

Question: I hv 1 year old child. His body has some rashes. Most of them in knee & ankle. Not by birth.I don't use a medicine for long time. wht to do? currently I used cetaphil lotion

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Question: My baby is 1 year old..... i don't use dipar daily even though there are red rashes since 1 month even i am medicine no use pls suggest me what to do
Answer: Hie Yup can use diaper throughout the day Just follow a few precautions Change the diaper every 3-4  hours Clean the diaper area with water after every change Give your baby 30-50 mins of diaper free time in between every change Apply moisturising lotion or coconut oil before putting on a fresh diaper If your baby gets rashes keep him off diaper untill it clears Also since your baby is 9 months you might as well start taking him to the toilet to pee Babies don't generally pee while asleep So try using a drysheet at night at keep him diaper free take him to the toilet 2-3 times in the night span It would take your sleep but gradually he would just have to go once mid night to pee
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Question: My baby is 2 months old he got lots of baby rashes all over the body,my pediatrician suggested not to use oils and soaps. I'm using mild baby cleanser at bath time and using cetaphil lotion. But still rashes are there and baby is getting darker day by day. Plz suggest me any remedy to reduce them
Answer: Aloe vera fresh gell will give him relief in rashes. Try it and if the skin is dry mix coconut oil in the gel it will cure the dryness.
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Question: hii mommies my baby boy is 7months He was having cough but I don't know how some rashes are appearing on his whole body .I went to the Dr he suggested Dermadew lotion. Still the rashes are there .. kindly please suggest me some remedies asap... Waiting for valuable suggestions
Answer: Dermadew is good medicine though. but try applying brrastmilk on affected area.leave it for 15 min and wipe with cold water.
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