14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I hv vaginal itching...how can i treat it?

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Answer: Hello dear... vaginal itching is normal,it happen due to acid indigestion in stomach, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Sleep with elevated pillow Have 5-6 small meal Drink more water, buttermilk Avoid oil, spicy, gas related foods
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Question: Itching in vagina..?? How treat it.?
Answer: Hello! Itchiness in vagina is mainly due to the infection. Make sure you wash your panties in warm water. Change your panties atleast twice a day. Also you can consider not using panties at night and instead go for shorts. Make sure you keep the area always clean and dry. Avoid using soaps and intimate washes. If problem still persists, then consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: How can i treat my vaginal infection
Answer: Below are of the home remedies to treat vaginal infection - : 1.) YOGURT There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way is to apply a bit of yogurt on the tip of a tampon and insert. Others use a syringe (sans needle, of course) or condiment bottle to squeeze the yogurt into the vagina. For pregnant moms who want a cooling treat, make frozen yogurt popsicles by filling the fingers of disposable gloves.  When the yogurt has hardened, pop out the yogurt stick, and insert into the vagina. Many women prefer the frozen pops because they help relieve swollen, irritated labia as well. If you try treating your yeast infection with yogurt, make sure to use plain, unsweetened yogurt.Flavored yogurt will introduce additional sugar into your vagina, which will only increase yeast. 2.) Garlic Mamas advise inserting a fresh clove of garlic into the vagina every 4-8 hours until symptoms subside. The first thing you want to do is peel the clove. Many warn against nicking the skin, since its juices can sting inside the vagina. However, every woman's business down there is different, and some have reported no stinging at all. Experiment with different "doses" to see how your body reacts. For a stronger treatment, pierce the clove with a fingernail several times. If the stinging isn't too bad, try slicing the clove in half. While the garlic clove can't get lost inside you, removing it may involve a few moments of panic and some acrobatic maneuvers. That's why many women tie a string around the clove for easy, quick removal. 3.) Coconut Oil Apply this to the effected area 3/4 times a day to treat existent candida and allow for further root treatment. Hope this helps.
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Question: i hv a vaginal itching...it hurts too much.
Answer: Hello dear. The itching and burning brought on by a yeast infection is usually caused by an overgrowth of Candida, a fungus that naturally lives in the vagina. If the discharge is clear or white and odor-free, it's most likely caused by pregnancy hormones, and it's a sign that the vagina is healthy. There are four vaginal infections which ranges from common to more rare, can affect pregnant women. You'll have to check with your gynecologist if it's other type of infections or just due to harmonal imbalance, if the itching persists. Tips to Treat Vaginal Itching During Pregnancy: Comfortable clothing. Veginal wash Apple Cider Vinegar. Honey Drink lots of water. If these doesn't help, please consult your gynecologist. Hope this information was helpful.
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