6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i hv gone fr tvs in 5.4weeks ...doctor saw the gsac very small but no yolk sac....any idea???doctor has called me after 2 weeks to scan again....m realy scared

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Answer: Dont worry its may be early so in some cases baby thoda late dhikta hai
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    Monica Chawla1264 days ago


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Question: I had my 1st scan on 22 April 2021 and that day i just completed 5th week. Gsac and yolk sac were visible but no fetal pole and cardiac activity has also not started. Doc said heartbeat comes after 5 weeks and everything else was fine.. Is it normal ?
Answer: U took the scan early dear.... Fetal heart form & started working not before 6 weeks.... Repeat a scan after 7 weeks to check Pregnancy progress and fetal heart rate. All the best...
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Question: hi i m 8 weeks and 2 days pregnent but iny scan the i m 7 weeks pregnent .n no heart beat noted in scan doc did tvs and ask me ro check ip after 5 days ..plz tel me is it normal or tensed matter.
Answer: Don’t worry dear this difference is due to conceive days . 2 weeks are for conceive. Babu heart beat came at 6-8 weeks . Now you should do this scan again 1-2 weeks .
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Question: Gestational sac MSD 26.7mm no embryo no yolk sac I m 9 week pregnant but in USG it shows 7 weeks 5 days ...is the report is normal
Answer: Am so sorry dear, usually fetal pole appears 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.or 3 weeks after ovulation.if fetal pole not appears means pregnancy is not viable.in this condition where fertilized egg never develops into an embryo, but implants into the uterus anyway.it is called blighted ovum.Take care
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