24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I hv a symptoms of dengue...is it effect my baby

Answer: Dengue is especially dangerous forpregnant women because they can transmit the virus to their baby during pregncy or during birth. This may result in stillbirth, low birth weight, or premature birth. Babies infected withdengue are at higher risk for a severe case of the disease. Tk care of urself..take medicine as doctor say...God bless u both.
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    Reena Singh116 days ago

    Really it brings tears on my eyes

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    Shrist Bhawana116 days ago

    No need to stress ..u said u have symptoms, it doesn't mean u have dengue.. consult to ur doctor as soon as possible ..be positive

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Question: I m so worried mam I if symptoms of dengue...is it effect my baby
Answer: Hi Please don't take tension Consult your doc at the earliest. Take care!
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Question: hii mommies,plz tell me symptoms of dengue in baby
Answer: The most common symptom is high fever. Other than that there might be body pain, watery eyes ,rashes.
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