14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I heard about folic acid is compulsory for pregnancy but my gynecologist prescribed me MACFOLATE, SUSTEN 300 and AZOVOIT. Is these medicines are sufficient or i have to discuss about folic acid tablets to my gynec..

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Answer: Folic acid is necessary during pregnancy at 12 weeks. When u passed 12 weeks of pregnancy then there is no need to take extra folic acid supplement.
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Question: Hii, my dr. has prescribed me calcium, iron nd folic acid tablets is it ok to have so many medicines??
Answer: Hi. Yes tbese are basic medicines required in pregnancy. Iron maintains hb level which tends to lower down in pregnancy so iron is very important. As baby also needs to have hb for proper growth. Calcium maintains your bones quality always remember you need 1200mg of calcium on daily basis, as you are nurishing a life inside you there are lot of pressure on your bones so have medicine regularly. Fokic acid maintains babies growth, help in brain and spine bone development and very important during pregnancy. . With medicine try adding all of them through natural sources also, so have spinach, fruit, dry fruits in your diet. Never take calcium and iron tablet together. If you take iron in morning take calcium in evening. Good luck
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Question: I have been prescribed iron and calcium tablets but no folic acid tablets however before I was taking folic acid tablets and sustein sr 200
Answer: Hello! After the first trimester, folic acid tablets are generally discontinued and iron and calcium is started. Hence don't worry about it. Take care
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Question: Mam pregnancy mein medicines like folic acid , calcium , iron is compulsory to take?
Answer: Yes.they ensure proper growth and baby development
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