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Question: I having lower abdomen pain.. I had done intercourse in fertile days n today is my 15 day of periods

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Answer: Hi dear, if you have normal regular 26 to 30 days cycle then your period will be in between 10 to 17 days ,so possibly you are still in your fertile days. At the time of ovulation mild abdominal pain is normal. Don't worry, if you will not get your period in next month then after 1 week of missed period take home pregnancy test with very first morning urine to check your pregnancy . hope it helps.
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Question: I am having lower abdomen pain in left side. Today is 12th day after my periods
Answer: Hi dear, probably today is your ovulation day that's why you are feeling pain in my left side as your left ovary is going to release the egg. If you are planning for pregnancy then today and coming 2days are very important and you should do intercourse to increase your chances of pregnancyHope it helps.
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Question: I m having a lower abdominal n lower back pain n leg cramps my period date is feb 18 n v had an intercourse in d fertile ovulation time gtng voniting also constipation n bloating of stomach y so
Answer: Hi,can't say y anything as if now as these symptoms can be even when you are nearing to periods due to hormonal changes in the body on the other hand it can also be due to conception.however you should wait till you have missed your periods ,after 8 days of missing your periods you should do upt to confirm your pregnancy.for bloating stomach and constipation you should take gr3en veges.habe carrot juice ,have prunes juice and gigsyou can also take fibre supplements which will help.
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Question: I m in my fertile period, after intercourse i m having pain in my lower abdomen nd feeling like heavy...heavy...wat is dat....m worried
Answer: Hello dear If u are feeling mild cramping after the ovulation days then it can be a sign that u are pregnant. As, after ovulation it takes about a week (6-12 days) for the fertilized egg to enter the uterus which can cause mild pain. Better u consult ur doctor.
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