40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I haven't get any pain and in last check up Dr said head is still floating ND not yet engaged..what do I need to do? Not sure if the head is engaged now..

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Answer: When have your doctor called you back... what is your delivery date
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    srz_4721 days ago

    11th Oct according to scan report..according to periods calculation oct5,,Dr has called on 7th oct

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Question: My baby's head is still floating and not engaged yet. Is there anything i can do to fix it?
Answer: Hello dear, Most babies will move into delivery position a few weeks prior to birth, with the head moving closer to the birth canal.  Please do some squatting exercises, walking , climbing stairs maybe but dont strain yourself too much to cause pain. Baby will descend or maybe will happen just before labor or during labor and its important to be active and moving around and not just lying on your back during labor. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: Just 2 week left for delivery due date & baby head still floating , not dropped engaged fixed yet. What to do ?
Answer: Don't worry dear. You still have two weeks left. That's plenty of time for baby's head to be fixed. The doctor will guide what to do. If the baby's position is breech you will have cs
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Question: Today it's my 38 week Dr said head has not been engaged yet she said me to walk in case if head do not engage even till full term what will be the next step Dr is going to take?
Answer: Hi dont worry about it. Heads sometimes gets fixed 2 hours before delivery. In extreme case your doctor may opt for c-section.
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