10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i have yeast infection on my thais what can i use rather than medition. is it harmful for my baby? i am 10week pregnant

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Answer: Yeast infection is common during pregnancy and it doesn't have any side effects on baby... Yogurt,tree tea oil, garlic , boric acid, dounching with vinegar are helpful.. placing garlic cloves in vargina at night will help... Applying tree tea oil is helpful apply tree tea oil then dab with Powder...
Answer: You can use candid-b creme and powder on that area. U will get releif. I had too this infection then after my doc suggested this to me.
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Question: I am 10week pregnant i have through infection can i take azipro 500 it is safe
Answer: Hi, it is not completely safe to use azipro during first trimester. it is delicate period of pregnancy as all medications should be used only if absolutely needed. if your doctor has advised to take it , then take it but do not take it on only your own decision.
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Question: What is the yeast infection.. And effects.. Is it harmful to my baby..
Answer: It near your inner part,it will be itchy and redish in color they say it is fungai infection,consult with ur doctor they will give cream to applu
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