11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have white discharge and it has bad smell and it is yellowish in colour

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Answer: it's bacterial infection you must consult doctor and take antibiotics otherwise it ll cause harm to your baby
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    Amitha Srijith854 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Today white milky discharge seen without any bad smell. Why it happens? I am woried.
Answer: White watery discharge is due to increase in hormone and it also helps to avoid vaginal infection during pregnancy
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Question: Hi I've white discharge which has fishy smell..is it ok with pregnant woman
Answer: White discharge has some kind of odour like fishy smell then this is called infection you should properly wash your vagina with lukewarm water and keep dry this area after urination wash this area properly . you should also see a doctor.
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Question: Hi, Sometimes, white discharge is coming and it is some bad smell? Can anyone suggest on this?
Answer: Don't worry. nothing serious if treated on time. just check with your doctor for any possible infections or so.
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