6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have white colour discharge with out smell but When it comes out I feel itching.

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Answer: Hello dear......white discharge is normal.....actually due to upcoming summer seasons nd growing period of ur pregnancy......imfections nd itching will become more worse......so dr is only one SOLUTION....Have plenty of water.....lyk upto 4 to 5 litres....keep urself hydrated.....it can olso lead to luccohrea.....bt it will keep u away from infection...luccohrea is nt harmful for baby....bt infection r vry much harmful nd effective for baby.......i olso suffered from same problm....bt later on.....i just enhance d amount of water....nd i got rid of infection just in one week......plzz try it...gof bless u...keep urself hydrated.....be happy
Answer: It could be an urine infraction consult your doctor and go for urine test👍
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Question: Pleaae answer my question.. What is the causes of white or cream colour creamy curd like discharge with out any itching and with out smell.
Answer: Hello dear, vaginal discharge is normal. It could be white, green or yellow colour, because of hormonal changes . If the vaginal discharge comes with strong smelling, and/or accompanied by redness or itching, you may have a vaginal infection. Try to clean and dry inner area, use panty if getting more discharge, Change panty 2 times in a day.  If don't feel comfortable, consult your gyno. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: Is it normal to have white colour vaginal discharge with no smell and or itching ??
Answer: Hi dear, I understand how annoying it gets to feel wet down there.but hormonal fluctuations would often during pregnancy lead to such white discharges ,often referred to leukorrhea.they are usually harmless but if thy give you itching or smell bad,then you better check with doctor,as that could be sign of yeast infection and needs treatment.keep the area clean and dry with the help of panty liner.,..
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Question: 70 days pregnant white discharge with smell discharge is white no colour changes but smell occur with lite left side hip pain it is normal or abnormal
Answer: Hie white odourless discharge is common during pregnancy But if it has a foul smell you better consult your gynac regarding same as it implies possibility of an infection which needs medicines to be handled
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