23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have 17th week ultrasound but there is not visible the u.bladder shadow. Is there any problem

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Answer: Make sure your reports don't pinpoint to something specific such as a cyst/ obstruction/ calculi. If your USG report is normal. Then you should not worry.
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Question: i im 19 weeks but my tummy is not visible, is there any problem...plz help
Answer: hi dear , your baby is very small now so it's ok if your tummy is not visible now ,also visible of tummy depends on your height and weight if your tall or over weight yoyr tummy wont show up now.
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Question: I am 5 week 4 days pregnant..after doing sonography doctor saying that my sac is visible but baby is not visible... Is there any problem???
Answer: Dear at 5 weeks 4 days it is normal. The yolk sac normally becomes visible a bit later. You doctor would be suggesting a repeat test after 2 weeks and please do not worry everyting will be fine and the yolk sac and fetal pole both will be seen. Hope it helps.
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Question: I m 8weeks pregnant ultrasound was done yolk sac is visible but there is no foetal pole seen is there will any problem
Answer: Hi dear, It happened with me as well. And Doctor told me to come back after 15 days as because of scanning done early it happens. When i went for next scan everything was alright. So dont worry and have faith.
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