7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii..I have very bad cold and headache..will it be effect the baby?can I take any medicines

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Answer: Cold will not effect baby. But if you take medicine without consulting a doctor may effect. Home remedies are best in pregnancy. Keep drinking hot water for cold and take steam for 3-4 times a day for headaches
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Question: Hi... I have cold and headache... I think we should not take any medicines without prescription.. can u plz suggest how to get releif without medicines..
Answer: Have strong ginger tea and apply balm on head to get relief
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Question: I have cold and cough.. Can i take medicines
Answer: Hello dear.. No,it is not advisable to take any medicine without consulting doctor
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Question: i have fever and cold which medicines can i take ?
Answer: Dont take any kind of medicine without consulting to your doctor..you can try these home remedies Salt water breaks nasal congestion.This helps remove the virus and bacterial particles from the nose. Mix one-fourth teaspoon salt with as much baking powder and eight ounces of warm water. Use bulb, syringe or nasal irrigation kit to squirt water into the nose. Hold one nostril and squirt water into the other and let it drain. Repeat twice or thrice for each nostril. Take a steamy shower. It moisturizes the nasal passages and helps you relax. If you feel dizzy due to flu, run a steam bath. Gargling moistens a sore throat and brings temporary relief. Gargle with half a teaspoon of salt by mixing it in eight ounces of warm water. Do it four times a day. To reduce throat irritation, you can do astringent gargle with tea that has tannin to tighten the membranes in the throat. You can also gargle with honey and apple cider vinegar solution. Another alternative is a mixture of one tablespoon of raspberry leaves or lemon juice, a cup of hot water and honey.
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