22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have twins and in 11th week NT scan, we observed that Nosal bones are present however in my 20th week anmoly scan, for one of the baby it states that nosal bones are not yet ossified. Could you please advice

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Answer: hi dear! if your rest of the reports are normal then you dont have to worry dear. it can be unossified in quite a few patients so there is nothing to worry if the rest of the reports are low dear. take care dear.
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    Janani Shankar27 days ago

    Thank You Doctor

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Question: Today in my anomoly scan, we observed that nosal bones are not yet ossified. Can someone pls advice
Answer: Hi! Nasal bone not ossified in anomaly scan is an indication of down syndrome ur Dr. might ask for few more tests to do to identify or detect the issue please don't lose hope have faith everything will be fine.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi i am 12 weeks pregnant, on my 11th week NT scan babys nasal bones are not ossified. Is it danger?
Answer: Hi dear, You would need to get a follow up tests now.talk to your doctor for triple marker or quadruple test to rule out any risk factor.
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Question: I am in 11th week of pregnancy. Today i went for nt scan. I took my previous scan in 6th week. In my scanning centre doctor asked me why you did not take the scan at 8th week to listen baby's heart beat. My doctor didn't advice me to take the scan at 8th week? I am scared. What to do now? Kindly advice.
Answer: 6-8 weeks scan is mandatory.bcoz it only shows the baby's heartbeat..I don't know why ur doctor not recommended you to take that scan..if present scan is ok,just relax urself n don't be tensed
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