40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have to get admitted in hospital on Wednesday midnight as my doc. says I have completed my 40weeks no pain and no bloody show till now but my baby movements are quite good will I'll be delivering through v or c section plz help??

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Question: In pregnancy I got diabetics now 9th month running... Is it safe to wait till due date or can I get c section as my previous one was a c section... Iam getting gastric pain frequently... What to do... Fetal movements are good...
Answer: Hello dear, here are high chances for C Section. try these remedies for prevent gas pain... A good home remedy for bloating and gas is to boil three or four teaspoons of fennel seeds (saunf) and cumin (jeera) in one litre of water. Cool it and take frequent sips through the day with a bit of sugar to make it tasty. Fenugreek Seeds: A simple home remedy to reduce gas and bloating is to soak fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight.The next morning, discard the seeds and drink the water on an empty stomach to relieve stomach pain and gas. This also helps maintain the blood sugar levels. Ginger: Ginger has been used medicinally for many years as it is a digestive stimulant. Chewing a raw piece of ginger after meals is the most effective.  I hope it helped... take care urself....
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Question: Dr told me to get admitted in hospital as my edd was 10 March, bt is worried if they do the c section, bcz I want a normal delivery
Answer: It’s best to let mother nature decide when your baby comes. You can try following to induce labor pains - sex, nipple stimulation, exercise, eat spicy food, apply camphor oil in vaginal area etc. If still it doesnt your doctor can either undertake membrane stripping or give u medicine to induce labor. Before trying anything that might induce labor, you’ll want to speak with your doctor to go over any risks or possible complications. Though some of these methods are popular folklore among pregnant women, little scientific evidence supports their efficacy.
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Question: Hello..i was due today i.e 8th march, last week i went for pap test too so doc told to wait for one more week and if no pains she will induce pains through injection,..now m lil nervous as ppl around me says it leads to c-section..whereas i googled abt it n it says normal deliveries are more of chance for after artificially induced pains..plz help me for the same as m goin tomorrow for the chekup and doc has already told that i need to get admitted 2mm & still no pains n signs.
Answer: If your doctor is giving assurance, why are getting afraid. Inducing pain may leads to normal delivery. Don't worry. You will get pain. Keep talking to your baby. It makes you strong and helps baby to come out
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