14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have thyroid issues what to do

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Answer: Didn't your doctors provide you any medicine for this? Plz contact your doc
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Question: How to regulate periods .....i dont have any issues like pcos,thyroid ptoblem
Answer: If your periods are not regular then it means you have some disorders. There are so many causes of irregular periods other than PCOS and thyroid. You may have some eating disorders, endometriosis or adinomayosis etc etc. Consult your doctor immediately. He will examine your full body condition and provide you the proper medication.
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Question: I have thyroid problem..what i do for safe pregnancy..?
Answer: Hello dear Your doctor will most likely test your thyroid hormone levels every 4 to 6 weeks for the first half of your pregnancy, and at least once after 30 weeks. Dont worry if proper medication is taken then it will not affect ur pregnancy
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Question: I have thyroid)(TSH=7.8) what to do??
Answer: Hi, Hope u have consulted doctor. U have take medicine I also had TSH 8.2. I am take thyronorm75 tablet, now it is in control.
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