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Question: I have thyroid and diabetes. What food should i can take to control thyroid and diabetes during pregnancy

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Answer: Along with the medicine take gooseberry juice with turmeric powder. Completely avoid sugar. Take less carbohydrated food. Drink lots of water.take fenugreek water and you can take all other seasonal fruits in a limited quantity. If you have thyroid take the medicine when you wake up itself before having any food.avoid tapioca,cabbage You can take all other healthy foods.drink lots of water
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Answer: I too have diabetes. I mixed chapati flour in the ratio of 3/4 wheat flour and 1/4 gram flour. I dont eat too much in one go. Please avoid all junk food, sugary items, carbohydrate rich food (like rice sabudana poha etc,) fried food, spicy food and fatty yogurt and creamy milk. Also, please avoid sugary fruits (like mango and banana) and starchy veggies like potato and sweet potato.
Answer: Hello dear If you have thyroid and diabetes you should check up it and must have to take the medicine. Along with the medicine you have to control your diet. Avoid cabbage and tapioca for thyroid and take tab in the morning itself before taking food. For diabetes avoid carbohydrated food and completely avoid sugar.
Answer: Green veggies are your best friends. Taro (arvi) is good. Cook in little oil with moderate spices. Moong daal is good too. In fruits you may choose to eat apple, guava, pomegranate. For munching chana chaat (boiled or roasted) with onion, tomato, green chilli with black salt and chilli powder is a good option.
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Question: Now i have gestational diabetes...how can i control these and what type of food can i take regularly ??
Answer: Heyy dnt worry ..diabetes in pregnancy is actually a common thing but you must take a good care to to manage it..have proteins that help in managing blood sugar.roastedvoeanuts are wonderful snack.remove all sugars ,sweets etc from your diet.take regular walks.it had helped my sugar to be normal till delivery.hope helps you too.....
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Question: I am suffering with thyroid and diabetes. Tell me deit to control thyroid and diabetes
Answer: Having a thyroid disease either a Hypothyroid or a hyperthyroid causes problems in conception. having a hypothyroidism has been linked with anaemia so there is a low red blood cell count and it affects your body in a generalized manner it will cause muscle insufficiency, you will feel weak, your blood pressure might fluctuate very frequently. usually doctors prescribe thyroxine tablets to treat hypothyroidism which is low thyroid and the doses are always changed depending upon the tests performed in your first trimester and second trimester depending upon the blood level of your thyroid--- the medicine concentration is changed. In hyperthyroidism which is over activeness of your thyroid and releasing too much of thyroid hormones which is also known as an autoimmune disorder in which your immune system makes antibodies that cause thyroid to make too much hormone. start treatment with proper pregnancy safe medication and make changes in your diet and do exercise daily and avoiding goitrogenic foods in pregnancy. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower bread pasta soy etc. Avoid sweet foods, even high carbohydrate diet. Switch to oats, brown rice, dals that have chilka--- chana whole, moong whole, urad whole. Try missi roti--- multigrain with jau, ragi, bajra, wheat, chana, methi. Put wheat only 1 kg and rest 1.5 kg while grinding into powder. Methi is a boon to diabetics. Eating karela. Methi N bitter gourd to be taken like once a week. Methi water you can drink early morning. Try a healthy shake every morning such as banana shake, avocado shake, spinach juice, orange juice, avoid honey and sugar-free sugar although sugar-free is considered safe but take stevia leaf instead that's very safe. Main is to avoid carb and fill yourself with fibre. Do not worry. Monitor your sugar closely and take a Hb1ac test that will help us to understand your sugar level in past 3 months and how we can start or modify metformin treatment. Exercise --- yes you should yoga is best GOUMUKHASAN for sugar patients. It's good to join prenatal and pregnancy yoga classes Do not worry It is manageable.
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Question: How can i control gestational diabetes naturally during pregnancy?? Is it safe to take medicines.
Answer: One of the most important ways to treat and control gestational diabetes is diet. A healthy diet can work wonder for managing gestational diabetes. To help maintain a stable blood sugar level, food intake has to be monitored. Here are a few tips for meals if someone has gestational diabetes: Include proteins in every meal. This will keep you satisfied longer. Monitor carbohydrate intake. Carbs can cause dramatic rises and falls in blood sugar levels which is not good for someone with gestational diabetes. Avoid processed food as much as possible Don’t overeat, especially sugary snacks. Avoid starchy food like rice and potatoes Avoid fried food Eat food with a low glycemic index. This keeps blood glucose levels stable for longer. These are a few general tips for diet changes needed in gestational diabetes. Talk with your doctor and nutritionist for a detailed meal plan that will be beneficial for both mother and baby.
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