7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have tested pregnancy on 16th it showed positive should I take blood test for pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear yes it is advised to go for the hcg level check as it helps in getting a correct status of ur pregnancy . Also consult doctor for the further advises
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Question: With morning urine and salt i tested my pregnancy, it showed positive result.. shall i try with the pregnancy test??
Answer: Hi dear yes u should check with pregnancy kit as it will give u correct status of ur pregnancy. Salt and urine test is not reliable dear.
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Question: I have some questions regarding hcg blood test. Should i have to take it on empty stomach? Can i go for hcg blood test on evening??
Answer: Yes ...before that u can use home pregnency test kit
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Question: I have tested my blood today on fast...it showed ittle bit diabetics . Should i be worry?
Answer: Hi Dear! If u did nt hv diabetes before and its gestational pls dont worry GDM does not pass through to your baby but yes due to high glucose levels baby's weight might increase than gestational age, baby may be too large. Check your diet and reduce carb intake. take Doc prescribed medicine and it will be controlled. Walk daily and include lots of fruits, veggies and fish in your diet. There are succesful stories of Normal delivery with healthy babies too. Hope this helps!
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