8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have test thrice the first test is negative n the second is positive n then the third again is negative so please let me know dat am pregant or not

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Answer: Hello dear. I would suggest you to test it once in the morning with first urine to get accurate results. And if it is still negative consult gynae. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have test thrice but the first n the third is negative but the second is positive but it is not clear is dark so i dont know am i pregant or not
Answer: Dear, your pregnancy is weak. And hcg level would be very low, that's why sometimes show and sometimes not, better to check your hcg level at hospital though blood test to get clarification.
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Question: First test came positive nd the hcg level is 36.84 now its coming negative second time why it's so
Answer: Hi dear , it must be because of some complications and you might need some hormonal medication to avoid any complication so please consult with a gynaecologist immediately..
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Question: I have checked first the pregnancy test came positive nd the hcg level was 36.84 now I have checked for the second time then its coming negative Why it's so
Answer: hi dear don't worry sometimes the mistakes can happen in the pregnancy kit be do in home and also if we don't do it properly that may also cause any wrong result so it is best to consult the doctor and take the proper urine test or blood test to make sure about the result.
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