33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have taken scan at 6 month that time fhr is 172...now I'm in 33weeks tis month scan fhr is 146 ...is there any problem change fhr???

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Answer: Hi dear fetal heart rate keeps changing there is no problem if it is 146 now , if there is any problem in your pregnancy or in the fetal heart rate your doctor will talk to you so please do not be anxious unnecessarily . Hope this helps!
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Question: I'm in 35 th, in my 34 th week scan my FHR is 160,but yesterday in my doctors check up it is 136 ,is there any problem
Answer: 110-160 bpm of FHR , is the normal range. So, it's perfectly fine and within normal range. So, no need to worry. Have a safe and happy pregnancy journey
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Question: I am in mid, 8th month My FHR is 146 is it OK please reply me
Answer: Hello Yes dear it is absolutely fine. The normal range of FHR should be 120bpm to 170bpm. And yur babies is 146. Which is normal.. Take care
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Question: Is there any problem if the vaccine is not taken at a time
Answer: No dear if you have realised it now get it done. I also missed 1 vaccine and got it done after a month after discussing with doctor. So relax there is nothing to worry consult doctor she will give it now. Hope it helps.
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